A Perfect New Sideline

I was asked to do a paid review on what was the best reverse osmosis system available in the market today and to tell you frankly, I was a little bit stumped by the request. Firstly, I do not have any inkling of an idea about what those things were and secondly, I do not do reviews. But it has certainly got me to thinking about it apparently.

I was always getting requests for paid reviews by several sites that I am affiliated with and each time I receive them, I reject them as it was really not my forte basically. But now I am beginning to think about it differently. It has occurred to me that what I was doing was throwing away very good opportunities out the window, opportunities which may open up another avenue of growth for me and which certainly also has a very good income potential.

So I eventually opened up myself to this new thing and I welcomed the next request I received. It was about what was the best lightweight luggage selection available today in the marketplace and it looked relatively easy to start with, so I took it.

I never had any experience doing reviews especially with regards to consumer products, so I got rattled a bit at the start. I thought I needed to see the products first and see what they were and what they offer, in order for me to give a fair review, so I went online and searched for the particular products.

I did found the products online but the descriptions contained in them eventually was one sided as it was located in the manufacturers site. Certainly they will talk the best talk, for them to be able to sell their products well, so I continued to search for other comments not necessarily from the manufacturers.

When I eventually saw comments that were detrimental to the product, it made me think also. What if the bad comments were not true and were from someone out to ruin the company, perhaps a competing brand or something, so I took everything with a grain of salt and not accepted everything they said as true and factual.

So how can I fairly review an item if the only information I got on them was second hand and apparently from biased sources? I thought about it a little and found that the best way I can give out fair reviews was that I must see the product firsthand and in person.

I eventually went out and found myself at the mall looking for that particular product in question. When I saw it, I gave it a once through and inspected everything there was to inspect, with much bewilderment from the salesperson who might be wondering of what was I really doing. But I did the job thoroughly.

I wrote the review based on what I saw and told everything there was to tell about the product. I was paid well for the job and was asked if I wanted more reviews, which I answered in the affirmative. Well to tell you the truth, I am beginning to get the hang of it and am enjoying myself doing it. I am very happy that I gave it a chance and now I am wondering where it has been all this time.