Item Review at the Mall

I am well on my way to my tenth piece on my review writing job and may I say that everything has been a blast literally. I am somewhat excited about recent developments that I am beginning to think of taking this on full time. I get to go to places that I do not usually go to, I earn very well, and it has somehow jump started my creative juices, that I am finding it very easy to write about things again.

To think that I was avoiding this gig for such a long time, really amazes me no end. I probably have rejected many offers like this before and good thing I accepted and tried at least one before really avoiding it. Now I’m neck deep on scheduled review jobs and I love every minute of it. It was really my loss if I never given it a try and I am so glad that I did.

Today I am reviewing of which was the best pack n play from an array of manufacturers, all vying for my company’s seal of approval. Everything was beautifully colored and everything is fully padded and manufactured using the best processes, that you would not really see any difference between all of them if you were the customer.

I did cause several problems with regards to the reviewing process, because of those things I described earlier, as I find it hard to differentiate between each and every one of them. I thought about it a little and eventually came out with a plan of my own.

All of the playpens were similar in composition and only differed in coloring, with some of them having slight variations in design and gadgets that were included. So what I did was I placed enough weight in the middle of the thing and those that did not bend against it, took my vote of confidence, as it was my understanding that these things have to be sturdy enough to withstand a playful baby inside of it.

Another consideration I had was about the height of the enclosure around the pack n play. It must be high enough to prevent the baby from escaping it and low enough to easily enable the mother to lower the baby in it. One really has to make sure about these things especially when there is an innocent little thing concerned.

It was a fun day visiting the mall for the review and the salespeople there are already beginning to know me a little bit better. They were really gracious in helping me check several items out and did offer several bits of information which would help me greatly in my job.

I also did not left the mall empty handed as I managed to buy myself the best yoga DVD that caught my eye in one of the stores there. Hopefully I can do a review on one of these things in the future as I know my yoga very well.