Time Will Come It Will Be Me

Time is slowly but surely passing me by. At least that’s the thought I had when we visited one of our friends who have just given birth to her first child, a very cute little baby boy who looks very much like her than her husband, thank goodness.

I almost envy her that she already had a child of her own. How happy she must have been to finally deliver such a healthy child, a child whom she would care for and call her own, which also made me think of when it will be really my time to get to do such a miraculous thing. Time apparently never really stops for someone me.

Well I got my dogs, the two of them, if it’s any consolation. Geez I’m beginning to get bitter again. Better stop this thing before the floodgates of my eyes burst open. Besides, I’m still young by any standards and I know and believe that my Prince Charming is out there somewhere, probably just lost in traffic, got mugged or something, but he’ll definitely come for me. I hope.

Wait, where was I? Oh yes the baby. The cute little baby boy was apparently suffering from newborn hiccups, of all things! My friend said it was due to the baby’s forceful sucking at her breast during breastfeeding, which somehow led to the swallowing of too much air by the baby, hence the hiccups.

She said she tried to first surprise the baby to somewhat get rid of the hiccups but all it did was to make him bawl out even more. Good thing she found out on the internet that all she had to do was to rub the baby’s back in an upward motion repeatedly to remedy the hiccups.

Another thing we talked about during our stay there was her monthly period, as apparently she still got hers while she was already pregnant. Not the whole time but only in the first few months of her pregnancy which everybody found a little bit weird and stuff.

Her doctor said that it was surely an anomaly of sorts but seeing no adverse reaction to her and her baby, he just let it go as some kind of thing that had to happen sometimes, law of statistics he said. But he also said that if she really wished to find out why it did happen to her, there are several tests which were available to really get into the bottom of the matter. Apparently she didn’t want to anymore.

Well it was really a good thing visiting a friend again and I’m very happy for their family. This was a very important milestone for them and quite a good start for their plan of raising a family. I only hope that next time it would be me that they come to visit, a very happy me holding my equally happy baby in my arms. Now that would certainly be the day to end all days. I’m still hoping.